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Want to Look Better in Photos? Just Screw Up Your Face a Little

I didn’t know the reason I look like a maniac in most of my photos is because I keep my eyes open. According to New York-based photographer Peter Hurley, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years and should embrace squinching.

I’m not going to begin to try to explain the facial contortions involved in squinching — which is not quite squinting, presumably with some flinching involved — the video tutorial will serve just nicely. But Hurley wants potential users of his technique (he’s offering this as a tutorial to other photographers) to reject their usual practice of staring into the camera, eyes wide open, a reaction, he claims, is based on our fear and uncertainty when in front of the lens.

For the record, based on some of the images around the 6:20 mark in the video, Hurley’s technique works if you’d like to go from an alert to more relaxed facial expression in your photos.

Check it out above.

[Source: Peta Pixel via Gizmodo]

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