RB Travel Guide: The Pacific Ocean in Photographs

The Pacific Ocean is terrifyingly large clocking in at 165.25 million square miles. It makes up 46% of the planet’s water. The bottom of the Pacific reaches all the way down to Antarctica, and hugs Australia and Asia-Pacific before being looked out upon by the Americas. The Pacific has had wars waged upon it, been the crash landing site for three satellites, and is facing increasing plastic pollution and lower oxygen levels each year. The Pacific Ocean is one of the most wonderful places on earth; a true marvel of natural power, so for our latest RB Travel Guide, we’ve created a collection of images that represent its raw beauty and massive size.

"Ocean Waterfall" by George Cousins

"Soaking it all up" by Luke Pearce

"Reaching for the Ocean" by sarahcronkphoto

"The Night is Coming and We're Together" by Laurie Search

"The Lighthouse #2" by Stephen Burke

"Winter Waves At Pipeline 7' by Alex Preiss

"Wishing" by SylviaCook

"Let's Run Away III" by Leah Flores

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