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Light Painting Tool Will Allow You to Project Rainbows Like a Light-Bending Boss

It’s the pixelstick, the light painting tool which is currently a little past the halfway point in its Kickstarter campaign to allow the average person the power to project light and images like it’s nothing.

The project was developed by Bitbanger Labs duo Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan, who wanted to evolve light painting, or long exposure images of incandescent lights captured on camera. From the creators:

“Pixelstick broadens the horizon of what’s possible. Over many months of shooting we found Lightpainting to be more entertaining and more rewarding than ever. We were consistently amazed by what we were able to capture; we can’t wait to see what you can do with it, too.”

The device itself houses 198 full-color RGB LEDs, reading Photoshop files to reproduce images at a distance from your SD card. The aim of the Kickstarter campaign is the provide funding for the manufacture of the first wave of pixelsticks (backers can start getting in line for them at the $250 level).

[Source: echographapp via Bitbanger]

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