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Photo Series Documents Costumed Curiosities at Home

Photographer Klaus Pilcher turns his lens on a collection of cosplay enthusiasts at home in his series “Just the Two of Us.”

The impressive thing about the Viennese photographer’s series is how it neither glamorizes nor pokes fun at its subjects, everyday men and women who enjoy wearing costumes to conventions (although I do see one or two furries in there representing another, entirely odd story on their own). Instead, “Just the Two of Us” observes its potentially oddball subjects with a kind of equanimity: “this is who they are” it seems to be saying to the viewer.

It’s as though Pilcher is offering a point of view without editorializing.

Photo by Klaus Pilcher

Photo by Klaus Pilcher

Photo by Klaus Pilcher

This is Pilcher’s latest photo series showing humans as they are (or want to be), following his 2003-2010 series, “Inked for life.”

See more from “Just the Two of Us” at Pilcher’s website.

[Source: Klaus Pilcher via Lifelounge]

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