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Happy Thanksgivukkah!

On the most delicious and delightful of holidays, our popular culture has spawned Thanksgivukkah, which is a food-orientated marathon celebrating the harmonious coming-together of the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish holiday Hannukah, which this year both fall on Thursday November 28. This holiday will only occur every 79,000 years, so you better make the most of it.

We’ve chosen this fun piece by RB artist Lisa86f to help celebrate.

"Happy Thanksgivukkah! by Lisa86f

Here is why Thanksgivukkah is exceptionally cool, and if you’re a math nerd this is about to get wild: each year Jewish holidays are calculated by the lunisolar Jewish Calendar (also known as the Hebrew Calendar), so the first day of Hannukah changes regularly on the Gregorian calendar (the Western Calendar or the Christian Calendar). Because the two calendars aren’t calculated the same way, and you have to give some grace for oddities like leap years, Thanksgiving and Hannukah happens very rarely. The next time Thursday the 28th (Thanksgiving) will fall on the first day of Hannukah will be the year 79811. Yes, 79811, that is if we aren’t all living on Mars and both calendars have been revised. 

So enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate both special occasions, be with friends and family and eat and be close. If you’re in North America, here are a list of fun things to do to celebrate: If you’re in New York Macy’s are celebrating Thanksgivukkah in their parade this year. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is running a ticket giveaway and turkey-shaped Menorah thing. If you’re in Los Angeles, an entire group of musicians are putting together the Los Angeles Thanksgivukkah Festival. If you’re in Boston, the Massachusets State House is doing a few things to celebrate including giving turkey-shaped Menorah’s to State Representatives.

Gobble Tov to you all.