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Daily Inspiration: Kanye West on How Design Can Save the World

Over the weekend, rapper Kanye West took some time out of his busy schedule to visit students at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and offer up this utopian view of their work: “I just wanted to tell you guys, I really do believe the world can be saved through design.”

West would go on to say that he believed everything needed to be “architected” [sic], offering that some of the first employees of the first employees he hired to design shirts from him came from the world of architecture.

West has been on a tear lately about his own ambitions in the worlds of art, design, and fashion, using the tour and promotion of his “Yeezus” album to offer up commentary about his own place in those fields, the challenges of being acknowledged as both a world-class rapper, a black man, and an influence in fashion. The dude’s got a big mouth, but he’s also largely right – Lady Gaga can go the art/concept route with her latest album and be immortalized in sculpture whereas if West talks about becoming a voice in fashion and design, he becomes the butt of noxious, patronizing late-night jokes.


"Projection" by Ikeb

[Source: Rolling Stone]

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