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Vote for Your Favorite Monsters Challenge Finalists

After sifting through hundreds of creepy, funny, and horrific entries in our Monsters Challenge, we narrowed the playing field down to the 10 finalists below. It wasn’t an easy choice, but we felt that these fuzzy, slimy, and/or bloodthirsty baddies rose to the top of the heap.

Now it’s up to you to choose YOUR best beastie. All you have to do is click the pic of your favorite creature below and vote away!

"His Bite is Much Worse Than Their Bark" - Submitted by: Allen Mudgett

"Booga, Booga, Booga!" - Submitted by: Bert Fanslow

"SPACE BEHEMOTH FROM PLANET 10" - Submitted by: Simon Sherry

"Monsters of the Wild" - Submitted by: Krisren Twentyeight

"Fingerprint Monsters" - Submitted by: Daniel Seex

"Sample 122" - Submitted by: James Warren

"Secretly Vegetarian Monsters" - Submitted by: Squirrell Art

"Monsterobo" - Submitted by: yoga sukma desa

"Jeremy the monster" - Submitted by: Salvador Santana Perez

"Lollipop" - Submitted by: Alex Ruiz

The winner of the Monsters Challenge will bag themselves $1000, 2nd place will get $500 and 3rd place takes home $100. Each of the winners will also get their design on a Redbubble product of their choice (up to $100), plus an extra cool monster surprise.

Thanks to all who entered and congrats to the 10 finalists, you scared the ever-living pants off each and every one us. And now we have no pants.

No pants at all.

The contest closes on October 10, 2013 @ 5:00 PM (PDT). Head here for the complete rules.

Good luck!

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