RB Collection: Very Dapper Animals

Who doesn’t love a dog, cat, or octopus with a predilection for well-aged whiskey, a fine cigar, and a monocle? No one, that’s who. Which is why we made this collection of Redbubble art that celebrates a new autocratic class – the sophisticated, gentlemanly animal. Sporting three-piece suits and top hats to match, these critters are never without their pocket watch, cane, or distinct air of oneupmanship. And as you’ll see in the collection below, they put the royal family — and Mr. Peanut — to shame.

So straighten up, put on your Sunday best and pay attention to the classic fashion choices…of animals.

"Tenticlees Proper" by kaydi-did-art

"Mr Walrus The Walrus Gentleman" by AnimalCrew

"Gentleman Cat Vintage" by wlartdesigns

"Rather Slothisticated" by Edwards

"Monsieur Blue Whale is quite a gentleman" by Bantambb

"Dapper Platypus" by Julia Clarke

"Gentleman Walrus" by LBonomatopoeia

"Sir Narwhal" by MorrigansRaven

"Richard R. Hornwood (Gentleman Rhino)" by Miln3r

"Almost Time" by Alephredo Muñoz

See more of these sophisticated sorts below.

Have you found any well-dressed animals on RB to share? Have you created a creature that cleans up well? We’d love to see your favorite artworks in the comments.