RB Collection: Enjoy the Chilly Wonders of Nordic-inspired Photography

When looking at Scandinavian design, it could be argued that their aesthetic choices epitomizes the way different cultures create values and beliefs through their design. Attitudes and styles emerge over hundreds of years as artworks are created with a mass-consciousness; a national identity playing in the background like a 45 on a loop, or like the sensation of slipping into a really nice hot bath. Scandinavian aesthetics could be described as, “pared back”, “sparse”, or “sensitive” to the viewer, and because these qualities often lead to a specific sensibility and a feeling, we’ve created our latest RB Collection of Scandinavian-inspired images that evoke that very feeling.

This collection of photographs pays homage to the beautiful and elegant images produced by our Redbubble photography community, from the dynamic and rich history of Nordic countries. We’ve pieced together a collection of refined and subtle images filled with stunning Fjords and a peaceful Naturreservat or two.

"Frost All Over" by Liero

"Old Volvo" by coltrane004

"Winterdream" by Lasse Damgaard

"Stockholm In Winter" by Paige

"Ship in misty Norwegian Fjord" by rachelroo

"Winter Bathing" by mrivserg

"Ghost House - Markaryd, Sweden" by Barnewitz

See more amazing images from our Redbubble community below and for even more on this subject, the groups Scenic Scandinavia and Photography in Finland have dedicated collections worth checking out too.