RB Collection: 9 Masterful Mixed-Media Artworks

This collection of unconventional mixed media artwork from Redbubble artists has been through a lot to end up here today. Whether they were made with Indian inks, and torn apart or cut to pieces then glued on wood, none came into the world easily. This mix of inks, oils, digital painting, and collage speaks to the serious commitment our artists have to their craft and answer the question, why use one technique when you can use a million?

1. With “Green Iguana,” Narelle has created a super lush oasis with a mishmash of watercolor, pencil, Sharpies, found objects, and the ever-reliable Photoshop, Illustrator, and Wacom Board. Oozing texture and hand-drawn goodness, part of the enjoyment of “Green Iguana” is seeing the detailed pencil lines and pigment exploding from the page.

"Green Iguana- Mixed Media" by Narelle

2. Jaelah brings the idea of mixed media to the next level in “The Birdwoman“. Using house paint and magazine cutouts is genius, and is bought home with finishing touches of acrylic paint and pencils all on a lacquered wood panel.

"The Birdwoman" by Jaelah

3. At first I assumed Fay’s use of “Pyrography” was some sort of artform made by pirates at sea in “Clover Heart” but soon found it’s the art of decorating wood (and other objects) with burn marks. Fay also used natural pigments to create this total heart-throb.

"Clover Heart" by Fay Helfer

4. Another man’s paper recycling is Tordo’s nirvana. In “Keep 109” we see him employ yellow envelopes, magazine cutouts, and “other stuff” to make this strange and stylish collage a real keeper. Look at that lady with her airplane casually tucked under her arm; that is a class act.

"Keep 109" by Tordo

5. Jessica Ashburn has used gouache (rhymes with “squash” if you’re in the US, and “Cowsh with a G” if you’re everywhere else) in the beautiful “Vintage Modern 4. Upon closer inspection Jessica has also applied india ink to her thick watercolor paper. Just lovely.

"Vintage Modern 4" by Jessica Ashburn

6. jakDezign has really upped the ante with his choice of mediums, in his “The Explorer – Illustration on Paper” including blood, sweat, and love. He’s not adverse to some classic illustration tools such as Copic markers, acrylic paper, and black tea to round out his more physical approach to design.

"The Explorer - Illustration on Paper" by jakDezign Its me Jas!

7. To create “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor,” Cartophage used hand-drawn type in indian ink to create this sumptuous piece. Perhaps to mirror the textures of ocean waves, the ink has been integrated into a textured background, which means it’s pretty much ready to sweep you away into that seriously deep blue (BYO rudder and oars).

"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor" by cartophage

8. Sometimes simplicity works volumes, and DanielleQ’s piece is a classy example of how collage and ink (and a good quality scanner) produces diverse and surprising effects. “The Form of Light” is a mixed media classic.

"The Form of Light mixed media" by DanielleQ

9. Hannah Wheeler is a mixed-media aficionado; if you can slap it on a bit of canvas, Hannah has done it.  And we respect that. She’s used acrylic paint, emulsion, wax, pastels, old maps, ink, and graphite to make her work. With “Beau” she uses newspaper, PVA glue, and layer upon layer of paint and paper on canvas. It’s then “built up and stripped back”. Boo-yah, that’s amazing.

"Beau" by Hannah Wheeler

Have you seen other interesting mixed-media artworks around Redbubble? Check out the group Traditional Mixed Media and share some artworks in the comments below. Let us know if you’ve come across any unconventional techniques used to make artwork.