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Monsters Challenge Winners

The votes are in and the monsters have spooked, thrilled, entertained, and generally had the scare-o-meter giving freak-out, off the chart readings.

Heralding an attack from the creations & creatures dreamed up in the minds of RB artists, we have little time to announce the winners of the RB Monsters Challenge before we come under attack. So without further ado, and with the that hope the winners won’t eat us, here are they are in all their scary, freaky, fuzzy, fingerprinted glory!

Lollipop - by AlexRuizArt

A round of screams please for our first prize winner Alex Ruiz. If Alex’s depiction of a scare-the-soul out of you zombie clown, and an even more terrifying little girl owner, don’t have you peeing the bed in the night you’re obviously not human. Alex has scared himself up $1000, plus his design on any RB product and a secret, scary, bonus surprise!

Jeremy the monster - by Lunaticpark

Not to be out down in the realm of scary-ass monsters, please give it up for LunaticPark who scared up second place with her creation – the playful, purple monster Jeremy, and Daniel Seex in third place, playing with the idea of line, cracks and shadows to create his unique Fingerprint Monsters. LunaticPark and Daniel will both take home cash prizes, RB products featuring their design and a special, scary, bonus surprise.

Fingerprint Monsters - by Daniel Seex

Congrats to our winners and a huge thanks to everyone who took part. We’ve been scared, entertained, terrified, and generally overwhelmed by the amazing creations & creatures RB artists have invented. We’re planning the next challenge as we speak so keep your eyes peeled for another opportunity to test your design skills soon!

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