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The New Stuff: Improving Artist/Buyer Relationships On Redbubble

We know how important your buyers are to you, and we also think that creating and maintaining good relationships is an important element of a happy, well rounded existence. With that in mind, we’ve been looking at ways to help connect you with the people who buy your work, in a meaningful way.

We’ve talked to both artists and buyers, asked a few probing questions, run some tests, and devoured the results with an insatiable appetite.  And a couple of things stood out above all others:

 If buyers are clued in to the identity of the real live human being creating the items they purchase, they are more inclined to click back to your profile.  To help with this, we’ve redesigned the buyers email receipt to specifically highlight that you are the genius behind the item they just bought. There will also be a direct “Follow” link to make it easy for them to keep up with your creations on Redbubble. This provides a better opportunity for them to connect and get to know you and become a long-term fan.

Artists are dead keen to reach out to their buyers when they make a purchase.  You’ll be pleased to know you can now do just that!  You’ll see the familiar “Promote” tab when you edit your profile.  There you’ll now find a space to add your very own personal message that will be included in the buyers email receipt.  It’s a great opportunity to showcase your individuality or even just to say thank you and create that connection.

Here’s how both of these changes will look:

So put your thinking cap on, and head on over to your profile to get cracking on your very own personalised message so you can start building a closer relationship with the people who love and buy your work.

[Header art: Beachcombers by Karin Taylor]

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