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Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Simpsons’ Opening is a Horror Geek’s Dream

Cthulhu! Day of the Dead! Hitchcock! Harryhausen! Even Brian DePalma’s cult classic Phantom of the Paradise gets a call-out in horror nerd-turned-every horror nerd’s favorite director Guillermo del Toro’s custom opening for The Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror XXIV.”

Moments from del Toro’s own filmography are peppered throughout the opening as well from a kaiju/jaeger battle in the background, to Groundskeeper Willy as Hellboy, to Carl Carlson transforming into Blade.

I’m particularly found of the bit at around 1:40 when we see a lineup of legendary horror authors including Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury (and his “Illustrated Man”), Edgar Allen Poe, and others.

Watch it in full right here.

How many references can you spot?

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