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Artist GMUNK Shows Off His 3D Art Creation Process

“The Geo project is just kind of a personal project of exploring things that I love.”

That’s San Francisco-based artist and designer Bradley G Munkowitz AKA GMUNK explaining the why of his series of geometric shapes and objects, which have earned him a following.

You might have seen some of his work: he’s teamed up with director Joe Kosinski on the 3D visuals in “TRON: Legacy” as well as the user interface in “Oblivion”. Munkowitz says his mission statement with his art is to blend geometric shapes, psychedelia, and op-art for his work which is usually rendered on screen prints.

The video, from Lynda.com‘s “Start to Finish” series, details how GMUNK uses digital art tools to create his prints; a helpful how-to for aspiring artists in need of tips and tricks for visualizing their own geodesic visuals.

[Source: Lynda.com]

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