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See a 17th Century Painting of a Dead Frog Turned into Digital Art

Visual artists Nick and Rob Carter have brought a nearly 400-year-old dead frog to life – only to show it decomposing again.

The deceased amphibian in question is “Dead Frog with Flies” from Dutch artist Ambrosius Bosschaert the Younger. Originally painted on oil on copper, the London-based Carters have gone digital with it, taking the audience through the gradual decomposition of the image’s subject.

The brothers Carter are presenting the piece in a frame like any still work of art, but an observer can watch the slow, steady process of decay of their frog, complete with maggots and flies over the course of three hours.

This is the latest from Nick and Rob, who have a tendency in their work to reconsider classic art in new forms. See their two and a half hour “Transforming Nude Painting” or their series of composite paintings.

[Source: BBC]

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