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Cards Against Humanity introduces ‘The Bigger, Blacker Box’

Cards Against Humanity is pretty much the best game ever. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s “A party game for horrible people” that’s played by matching cards featuring foul, vulgar answers to cards featuring foul, vulgar questions. It’s one of the most fun games you can play at any party…unless it’s a family party and your playing with your 98 year old grandma.

Actually…scratch that.

Cards Against Humanity is the PERFECT game to play at a family party with your 98 year-old grandma, because who doesn’t love to hear little old ladies say foul, vulgar things?

I know I do.

And now, the folks behind the game have released what they call a “paradigm shift”. And as you see in the car commercial-style ad below, it’s…a box. A box that holds your Cards Against Humanity cards.


Cards Against Humanity says:

“Today we’re excited to tell you about the greatest product that we have ever made: The Bigger, Blacker Box. The Bigger, Blacker Box is an empty black box that has room for every Cards Against Humanity card ever made (and many more that we’ll make in the future). It also comes with fifty blank cards and our exclusive Box Expansion. Best of all, it’s available now in the U.S. and Canada.

We believe that this product represents a paradigm shift in the world of box-related merchandise; you cannot possibly comprehend how big and black this box is until you hold it in your own hands.”

I highly recommend picking up the game and its 3 expansion packs. If you get “The Bigger, Blacker Box” you’ll get an exclusive “Box Expansion,” so you should probably get that too.

Get more info here. 

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