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Caffeine Powers… Activate!: Nathan Davis’ T-shirt Design is Featured on ‘The IT Crowd’

The IT Crowd’s Roy Trenneman is lazy, bored, schlubby, and pretty much avoids work at all costs, so a dose of glorious caffeine might be exactly what the IT tech needs to kick his productivity into high gear, right?

Eh, probably not.

He’s pretty much hopeless.

But that doesn’t mean that he can’t wear awesome T-shirts that evoke the can-do spirit of a man Roy will never be. So that’s probably why he decided to don Redbubble artist Nathan Davis’ design “Caffeine Powers…Activate!” on The IT Crowd’s final episode. Because that little cup is everything lazy bums like Roy wish they were: excited, impulsive, energetic, and most of all, positive.

Here’s a screengrab of Roy in Nathan’s shirt:

From "The IT Crowd" - Channel 4

Nathan took some time to answer a few questions about how he felt when he discovered that his design was on the show.

What was your reaction when you found out your shirt was featured on The IT Crowd?

Pleasant shock. I had no idea they’d picked one of my shirts to end up on the final episode, and as I’m in a different time zone, I woke up to a few messages and screen shots of a scruffy looking IT professional in a familiar design. Since then, after others reactions and some info given to me as to how important the show was to them and how my shirt ended up there, the pleasant shock has been upgraded to include lightheadedness and warm fuzziness.

 Are you a fan of the series?

Sadly i haven’t seen much of it yet… It’s part of a list of shows I just haven’t got to yet, but it’s just bumped itself up the list. I’ve quite a few friends that do watch it and swear by it (they were much more excited than I was as a result. I should’ve been on board a while back).

What inspired the design?

I used to have a job that required a 7am start (and a 5:30am alarm to get there). My natural body clock appears to be set closer to 10am, so this job resulted in an excessive caffeine addiction. After I’d drawn it I realised I’d stumbled along the same phrasing as “Wonder-Twin Powers, Activate!”, but that was never what i really meant. Hell, I just wanted to wake up.

Actually, to be more honest, at 7am I just wanted to go back to sleep.

by Nathan Davis

You can get yourself a shirt or other merch featuring Nathan’s design by clicking the image above and be sure to check out more of his work here.

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