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Banksy’s new works in New York City are being vandalized

His first piece titled “The street is in play”:

Ended up like this, one day later:

His second, “This is My New York Accent”:

Was tagged:

Number three, “You complete me”:

Also tagged:

Piece four, which kicked off a series of “The Musical” pieces that, according Banksy’s website is “Random graffiti given a Broadway makeover” is not yet tarnished. According to Gothamist, the owner of the tagged building plans to preserve the piece under plexiglass:

Number five:


And here’s his latest, the as-of-yet, un-messed-with “Playground Mob The Musical”. So far, so good:

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For the entire month of October, elusive street artist Banksy is painting a new piece of art on seemingly random buildings throughout New York City. But if you want to see one of them in person, you have to act fast, because they keep getting vandalized or painted over.

Here’s a rundown of what’s been painted so far:


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