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Banksy halts New York City street art project to reveal ‘shocking footage’

On Sunday, October 6, guerrilla artist Banksy took a break from using New York City as his personal canvas (and watching his pieces be vandalized*) to post this video to his website with the following statement:

“I’m not posting any pictures today. Not after this shocking footage has emerged…”

As you can see, it’s footage from “Al Jazeera” featuring Islamic rebels gunning something out of the sky. What that something is, I’ll leave for you to to discover.

What do you think the message of this piece is? It seems unrelated to his current New York City-based project, but if you think about it, there is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York that shares the name of the militants’ target. Is he announcing the next place where he’ll unleash a piece of street and/or performance art? Does he hate it there? Is this just a piece of pop culture satire?

Have a look at the artist’s previous piece from October 5, a spray painted delivery truck that he converted into a lovely mobile garden at his website.




*or vandalizing them himself?

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