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Mondo Tells ‘Tales from the Crypt’ For Next Gallery Show

As a horror fan in the early ’90s, mainstream horror was a largely bloodless and inept wasteland, not quite yet at the self-reflexive Scream period, but beyond the heyday of some of the better sequels to make it to the big screen. Which is why HBO’s weekly anthology Tales From the Crypt was like a lifeline for fans of weird, funny, and ambitious horror.

The series, which ran from 1989 to 1996, took the old EC Comics formula of gruesome morality tales with giddy, gross punchlines, and put them in the hands of directors like Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Richard Donner, Tom Holland, and Mary Lambert. Sure, you could watch the shoddier Tales From the Darkside, but if you had cable around that time, why would you? This bizarro, bloody version of Amazing Stories may have started to flag in quality once production moved to the U.K. in the latter part of its run (and spawned one and a half terrible movies*), but those first few years have left a legacy. And t-shirt and print maker Mondo plans to celebrate that legacy with a month-long gallery event featuring works of art inspired by the series.

Running from October 25th to November 23rd, the Tales From the Crypt gallery show will feature original artwork and screen prints based on the series. You can find the list of contributors to the show below:

Jacob Bannon
Florian Bertmer
Mike Budai
Jack Davis
Luke Drozd
Jason Edmiston
Graham Erwin
James Flames
Francesco Francavilla
Ken Garduno
Michael Hacker
Shane Hillman
Brandon Holt
Alex R. Kirzhner
Shawn K. Knight
Jeff Lemire
Drew Millward
Chris Mooneyham
Phantom City Creative
Ed Piskor
Ghoulish Gary Pullin
Jim Rugg
Neal Russler
Eric Skillman
William Stout
Ken Taylor
Ash Thorp
Mark Todd
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Bruce White
Christ Wright

*I secretly love Demon Knight.

Head to Mondo for more info.

By Bruce White

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