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“Hey you guys!”: Help make this ‘Goonies’ LEGO set a reality

Fans of both LEGO and the movie The Goonies should truffle shuffle themselves over to the LEGO Cussoo site and support creator Lyonsblood’s project if they want to see one of their favorite pieces of ’80s nostalgia come to life in the form of blocky, customizable LEGO sets.

For those unfamiliar with Cuusoo, it’s LEGO’s program that allows users to submit their own ideas for future LEGO sets, which are then voted on by fellow LEGO-heads (block heads?). If a project gets 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review it. Then, if it’s accepted, the builder earns a 1% royalty from the total net sales of the set.

Lyonsblood built a pair of sets to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic film. The first being the “Sekelton Scare” set.

Image credit: Lyonsblood

He says:

“This scene helps re-enact the moment in the film that the Goonies have to play notes on a scary musical organ made from the bones of pirates. If they get the notes wrong, the floor caves in, revealing jagged rocks below. If they play the notes right, they open the secret panel which reveals a water slide that they will eventually ride down to discover a wonderful pirate treasure.”

His second set is the “Fratelli Fracas”:

Image credit: Lyonsblood

He says:

“This is smaller than ‘Skeleton Scare’, by roughly 1/3rd scale. So it has the appeal of being a more affordable set for some.

This is based on the scene where The Goonies are being chased by the Fratelli’s. Their only escape is to cross a raging waterfall with only a log to use as bridge. When the bad guys get too close, Data uses his ‘slick shoes’ to make things a little slippy for the Fratelli brothers.”

Lyonsblood has also created a LEGO minifig for each of the Goonies themselves. How bad do you want that Sloth?

Image credit: Lyonsblood

As of this writing, Lyonsblood has just under 1700 supporters. Since LEGO reviews projects on a quarterly basis, the deadline for Winter is January 6th, 2014.

Previous Cuusoo success stories were the Back to the Future set, a Minecraft set, and a set based on the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover.

For more info, and to lend your support to Lyonsblood’s effort, head to the Cuusoo site.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for amazing LEGO sets? Share them in the comments.

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