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Download Daily Inspiration with the ‘Creative Aid Handbook’

Nicole Smith and Richard Tapp of the Tumblr blog, Kooroo Kooroo have provided creative folks with an amazing resource to help jumpstart any artistic endeavor. The Creative Aid Handbook is a guide that we all should keep within reach as it provides daily doses of inspiration, exercises, and random magical musings that can roll your lazy, uninspired bones right out of any rut of depression and despair.

THE GUIDE (in all caps form here on out, because it deserves respect!) is completely free to download and available to alter and share any way you see fit.

Here’s more info, according to THE GUIDE:

“This guide is meant to serve as a mini resource for your creative projects and food for your creative thoughts. We’ve included our own valuable references and resources we know and trust as a means to help you get your project done. We hope this gives you the creative push from a direction you may not have thought of, be it informative, inspirational, or simply entertaining.”

Check out a bit from THE GUIDE on how to massage your brain:

Download the complete GUIDE right here. What’s your favorite bit? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Design Taxi]

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