Fill that rotting ‘Breaking Bad’-sized hole in your soul with photos of puppies!

Mild spoilers ahead!


Breaking Bad is over.

Families are destroyed. Lives are lost. Machine gun bullets are spent. Mostly innocent young men are permanently scarred both physically and emotionally. And our (least) favorite chemistry teacher-cum-meth kingpin…

Well, I don’t want to spoil anything if you haven’t seen the episode. But following the amazingly satisfying series finale of one of the true marvels of television storytelling, we got many answers to most of our questions about what happens to Walter, Jesse, Skyler, and the rest of the crew. But one question wasn’t touched upon by creator Vince Gilligan and team; one, very important question:

What about us?

After five years of nail-chomping tension, whiplash-inducing plot twists, and more misery than you can shake a pair Walt’s tighty-whities at, we’re left with a void in not only our Sunday TV viewing schedules but deep within our hearts. Can we enjoy anything ever again? Will we? Should we?

I’m not sure. But let’s do our best to move on. To smile. To feel…something again by doing the only thing that makes sense in this mixed up, post-Breaking Bad world.

Let’s look at pictures of puppies!

Here are some of the sweetest, most un-tragic photos of baby dogs taken by Redbubble artists.

Try to exist again, folks. If not for your loved ones or yourselves, then at least for the puppies.

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