A Killer Collection of Friday the 13th Art

For horror nerds, Friday the 13th is a day for celebration. Sure, that might be a bit morbid considering, technically, what they’re celebrating is the gruesome murder, dismemberment, and machete-ing of hundreds of (not so) innocent teens at the hands of a hockey mask-wearing, homicidal hulk over the course of 9,000 movies of varying quality. But for us slasher geeks, the day is forever tied to Jason Vorhees (and his mother’s) exploitive exploits.

From the moment Jason donned his famous mask (in Friday the 13th Part III) he became an icon who stands side-by-side with some of the greatest movie villains of all time. The image of a masked Jason, clutching his machete, poised to strike down some promiscuous pot smoking teen who just came to Camp Crystal Lake (a.k.a. Camp Blood) to party is forever to remain in the annals of movie — and pop culture — history.

So to celebrate Friday the 13th, I decided to round up some of the most killer Jason Vorhees and Friday the 13th art. Enjoy it while slowly whispering the famous “stalking soundtrack” from the Friday series… “Ki-Ki-Ki Ha-Ha-Ha”

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