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Megan Lara and Harry Gordon Star in an Unlikely Collaboration

In 1941 (or was that 2005?) a rather exciting dangling-on-a-long-rope-from-an-airship incident found Rose Tyler literally falling into the arms of the very dashing Captain Jack Harkness. Fast forward to present day, (at Chicago Comic Con) and she finds herself in his arms yet again, but this time she’s masquerading as Megan Lara and Captain Jack as the man himself, John Barrowman. As for that overly happy looking chap in the back, that’s the very talented Harry Gordon, aka Omega Man 5000. All that grabby hand/butt business, well, we’re taking the “no comment” option, but at least we now know what artists get up to when they’re not elbows deep in art supplies. Find out how this photo op came about over on Megan Lara’s Facebook page.

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