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Featured Artist: Cat Leonard

Cat Leonard lives, breathes and eats paint (not literally, of course). Her painted creations are alive with color as you can see here, but they are also textured and physically quite robust, and the artist encourages viewers to run their fingers over them. Dirty finger prints? No problem: These works can be wiped with a damp cloth and, in the artist’s own words ‘are made to last’.

Leonard has worked as a painter in every sense of the word, having painted shops and houses as well as the many paintings in her portfolio. It was in 2009 when her children were at school that she was able to commit herself more fully to her art. This pursuit has also seen the artist commissioned for a number of portraits. Obviously, acrylics are Leonard’s preferred medium; She loves the brightness and range of colors produced, not to mention the amazing properties of substances that rapidly dry into the tough creations on show.

Cat Leonard studied Fine Art at the North Adelaide School of Art. Upon completion of her studies, she and a friend started their own fashion brand, Realm, printing fabric and making their own clothing. But these days, it’s her paintings you will find exhibited in shops and galleries. Go on, give them look …and a feel,too.

See Cat Leonard’s full portfolio here