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Featured Artist: Adam Regester

Adam Regester is one well sought-after artist. (Matter of fact, if I ever perfect my patented cloning ray, he will almost certainly be the first customer.) With one mere set of hands, the artist has been head-hunted not only for exhibitions, art shows and murals, but also for large-scale abstract commissions and for super-yachts. That’s right, all you fabulously wealthy readers out there; think about an Adam Regester original to grace the sides of your next floating gin tank.

The demands on Regester began in London, where he was first needed to work on interior and exhibition installations. He then worked successfully as a multi-disciplined freelance artist and designer for 8 years. After a further five years working at the former London Institute (now the University of Arts London) as an educator and manager, Regester felt the urge to make a more serious commitment to his painting and moved to Spain where property investments allowed him the freedom to indulge his creative passions. Over 8 years there, the artist was commissioned for large-scale abstract works, local restaurants and clubs and, yes, for super-yachts.

Later re-establishing himself in Brighton, he began working again on a style he had originally worked on in the 1980s, breaking down complex images to simple sketch work with bold block colour accents. In addition to making great stand-alone pieces, the style is ideal for print, and has been recreated as prints, cards, bunting, brooches and you might very well see it on a tea-towel, mug or lampshade soon, too.

Most recently, the artist has been working on 3D artwork in box frames. Adam Regester’s work is regularly exhibited in Brighton and right around the UK. If you’re in the market for an original piece, better get in quick!

See Adam Regester’s full portfolio here