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Redbubble Goes Mobile

More than four times as many phones are sold every day as there are babies born, so there’s a fair chance many of you are reading this on some sort of smart phone or mobile device. The good news is that very soon Redbubble will look a whole lot better on that handy cordless internetting device.

We’ve been hard at work on a new responsive design that will function seamlessly, regardless of your screen size and the device you are using – so you’ll be able to enjoy viewing RB on a tablet, smart phone or mega-high resolution laptop.

Over the holiday period, around a quarter of visitors to RB were using a mobile device and we felt we were treating these people like they were slightly odorous relatives dropping in unexpectedly for lunch. In fact, we found they were significantly less likely to find (and therefore buy) an artists work than people on a traditional desktop computer. That slightly frightening fact presented us with a huge opportunity so we quickly got to work.

We like to measure things here at RBHQ, so we ran a few tests around a responsive design and found we could increase the success of these visitors by about 35%. That’s definitely a huge win for artists so we donned our sweat bands, put on Eye of The Tiger and ploughed full speed ahead on getting a final design live.

The first step was the new navigation which was released about a month ago. Next came the checkout which has been live for a few weeks now. As of today, you’ll find the page where people view your individual work and configure products has been responsified and over the coming weeks we’ll roll out a few other sections as they are finished. These changes don’t necessary change much on the traditional desktop view, so unless you’re mobile things will look pretty much the same.

If you sell your work on Redbubble, don’t forget you can see which devices people are using to browse your work through our Google Analytics integration, under the mobile stats section.

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Jen Durant

Redbubble Artist Relationship Manager