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Featured Artist: Georg Stadler

There is rather time-worn joke about kids and technology: Give them access to your brand new gadget and not only will they grasp it better than you but, adding injury to insult, you’ll probably never see it again. When Georg Stadler’s parents bought their first Canon DSLR in about 2005, they may have wished they’d heeded the relic gag. The young fellow shelved his beloved Konica Minolta Compact and took to the new arrival like a duck to water, taking one superb shot after another until he “kind of inherited it”.

A photographer and digital artist, Stadler lives in Munich from where this ambient portfolio is generated. He’s a busy guy, too, working in photography, architecture, editing, design and music. (You’ll find a bunch of rather cool and original tracks on his website.) Stadler began studying architecture, before the discovery of Photoshop led him to the work you see here today. He had toyed with Gimp before, but found the original – albeit pricier – option to be thoroughly addictive.

Nowadays, he’s made an almost outright switch from photography to digital imaging and illustration – It’s all a bit like Tron, really. His ‘Untitled (Atlas)’ series depicts birds-eye views of landscapes that don’t even exist! Well, we don’t know exactly how he does it, but the meticulous detail is positively estimable. While Stadler’s folks may never see their DSLR again, at least they know it couldn’t have gone to a better home.

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