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Featured Artist: uberkraaft


If there’€™s one thing an artist must appreciate, it’s the experience of picturing something in the mind’s eye, then turning it into a reality. In his Redbubble profile, uberkraaft (Matt Williams) explains, ‘€˜… I make things I really want to see’€™. The ability to do so with a good deal of finesse and attention to detail brings us our next feature artist.

Matt completed a degree in sculpture at the University of Sheffield and then went on to a Masters in Digital Media at Coventry. But his artistic journey doesn’€™t start there – He’€™s been creating since he was old enough to pick stuff up and, even from a very young age, was never in doubt that his future lay in the creative industries. Right he was, too, since uberkraaft now works as Creative Director in a boutique design agency.

This portfolio is alive with color, although sports some lovely line work in black and white as well. Some pieces might evoke fanciful, funky or even vaguely dark feelings in the viewer, but uberkraaft just hopes you connect with the vibe of the work.

The artist and designer enjoys mixing it up, too. With a mind that’s positively bursting with ideas, he couldn’€™t possibly be confined to a single media: uberkraaft works in paint markers, ink and brush, gouache, pencil and more (that degree in digital media also shines through when he works on a Wacom tablet). We’€™re looking forward to seeing many more works in this great portfolio.

See uberkraaft’s full portfolio here