Pug Life: 40 Prints and Tee Designs for Pug Lovers

In a Skype chat at RBHQ during the week, someone was heard to exclaim ‘what the hell is with all the pugs lately?’ The general consensus was that we weren’t quite sure why, but they seem to be cropping in greater numbers than usual – in our feeds, the recent items uploaded to the site, WIPs on Instagram and on art and design sites across the interweb.

Maybe people are finally growing tired of moustaches or perhaps they’ve been collectively hypnotized by these fur covered balls of personality. We can’t be sure, so in the name of research (and end of week amusement) here are 40 pug loving artworks from artists on RB. There are currently just over 3300 works tagged with ‘pug’ and we have a feeling there are going to be a few more of these faces staring back at us in future. Pug lovers – prepare to go pug wild. Pug haters (and people who are prone to bouts of extreme seriousness) – you might want to look away now.