The Weekly Wrap

It’™s been another busy week on Redbubble. Lots of artists are exhibiting, publishing, starting new projects, and offering loads of support, encouragement and advice to other artists. Here’s just some of the action we spotted this week.

Works by Fern Blacker, Victoria Stanway, donnamalone, Beatrice Cloake
N.A.P.A, Valerie Rosen, Sue Ratcliffe, Helenka and AlineGason Aline of Solo Exhibition

  1. Your Community Curators announced the first recipient of their monthly Spotlight on Groups and winners of a $100 voucher to spend on the group. Congrats to Solo Exhibition and stay tuned for this regular feature on our blog.
  2. berndt2 will forever be our hero because he went to London Fashion Week, and once got thisclose to Daniel Craig. Check out his glam black & white shots.
  3. Photographer Michael Morrison is wrapping up his solo exhibition at MODFA.
    Congrats on the show!
  4. DownbyDFault are working on a new self-published book project called “Skid Marks,” which will be a collection of street photography from the last 5 years. We can’t wait to see it.

Works by Celia Strainge

  1. Could Cupid be the culprit behind the Russian meteor? Tanya Pshenychny certainly thinks so.
  2. Speaking of Solo Exhibition, Celia Strainge submitted her collection of gorgeous textures to their “Host Hullabaloo” event. Root her on and the other group hosts here.
  3. Catrin Stahl-Szarka will have one of her sketchbooks shown in Brother, Can You Spare a Stack, an exhibit in New York City presenting thirteen art projects that re-imagine the library as a force for social change. Check out all the amazing works on display here.
  4. In case you’re a fan of viewing works-in-progress, Lynnette Shelley has shared several photos and videos showing her painting process.

Works by Lynette Shelley

  1. Redbubble veteran Mui-Ling Teh has launched her first professional website, Mui-Ling Teh: Art and Words From the Heart. Let’s all bookmark that and give her a hearty congrats!
  2. Hiroko Sakai has had her first art book, Rebirth, republished, along with the e-book version of this and Metamorphosis. Nice work!
  3. Some really useful instructions from Nick Egglington on how to develop a watermark for your photography. Thanks for the tips, mate!

Congratulations to all the artists featured above on their news and achievements and a big thanks to the many Bubblers who have taken the time to show their support, leave generous comments or to offer help and advice. Each week we feature a small selection of the big news and the little wins we’€™ve spotted in the Redbubble community but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Do you have any creative plans for the coming week?

If you’d like to keep up to date with the latest RB community happenings, news about meetups, challenges and other awesomeness, follow the Community Team updates here.

~ Team Community