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Featured Artist: Randi Antonsen

In modern life, we tend, intentionally or otherwise, to surround ourselves with the banal. At times, the combined weight of obligation, bureaucracy and the desire to impress can be such that we soon forget life is full of wonder, hope and mystery. It’€™s times like these that you might be pleased to have someone like Randi Antonsen (aka claravox) to remind you. Antonsen hails out of Indery, Norway, and describes herself as a dreamer and an artist€™. Her portfolio is both versatile and extensive.

Perhaps it is the artist’€™s upbringing on an island – quite literally near the top of the world – and in some degree of isolation that behaved as a catalyst in the development of her unique style. She describes the experience of growing up with limited exposure to art, a predicament from which her creativity simply had to emerge. As a child, she spent long hours filling large sheets of paper with drawing and photography to create a fantasy world.

If you haven’€™t noticed, dreams form an integral part of Antonsen’s subject matter. That’€™s no accident: Over a period of years, the artist has invested considerable effort into learning to interpret and understand her own dreams and is a firm believer in their power to aid knowledge of self.

Antonsen’s work is no stranger to galleries and in 2013 Norwegians can catch her solo show at the Oppdal Culture Gallery. She will also feature as part of a group exhibition at Galleri SG in Trondheim. So spread some wonder over your screen – take a browse through Randi’€™s portfolio.

See Randi Antonsen’s full portfolio here.