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Featured Artist: Pepijn Sauer

“Hey, you! The one with the camera. Yeah, you! Point and click, my friend, and don’t delay. I’m a vibrant street scene, full of activity and color, and I need to be photographed. Behold my bold triangles and contrasts. See how I respond to depth-of-field experimentation.”

When a scene confronts you like this, you want to have a good camera handy. Fortunately, Pepijn Sauer (agnostic) is as well prepared as any boy scout and carries some sort of camera wherever he goes. Naturally, the process is never quite as easy as this, and such a description would belie the true cleverness that goes into the work. Shooting a scene from a unique angle to create an eye-catching composition is but one of the skills that separates photographers like Sauer from any happy snapper – however well equipped – attempting to capture the same scene.

Rather than leaving the house with the specific intention of capturing great shots, Sauer enjoys the photographic process itself. “What I really enjoy is the sense of being completely in the moment that going out and taking pictures affords me. Going out to shoot is like a kind of personal meditation, an exercise in self-forgetfulness and also an exploration of my subconscious,” he comments. Indeed. And taking home an armload of mementos of such moments to put straight in the portfolio is a very desirable dividend for any photographer.

Sauer first found his calling when he got his hands on a digital SLR and has never looked back. You’€™ll find his portfolio quite versatile, with a balance of black & white and colour, day and night shots in both man-made and natural environments. His reflections on the photographic process are also very much worth a read for anyone wishing to enter his headspace.

See Pepijn Sauer’s full portfolio here.