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Featured Artist: Nathan Davis

It’s one thing to wave your illustrative talents about, making others green with envy but it’s quite another to do so with an added pinch of cleverness and a wicked sense of humor. If you’re prone to jealousy, look away now as we’re about to take a closer look at the talents of one Nathan Davis.

Nathan hails from Melbourne, Australia and makes illustration look easy. Which it clearly isn’t. Demonstrating some serious skills in Illustrator, Nathan’s portfolio of work includes sweet and sketchy storybook style, subtle, clever pop culture references, characters that ooze personality and line work so crisp you’ll need to put another sweater on. He also knows his stuff when it comes to typography so his designs look all the more awesome when wordage is involved.

Nathan regularly shares WIPs on his Facebook page, giving us a glimpse at his process and the skills he’s currently working on (right now he’s experimenting with new halftone techniques). You can also catch his latest finished designs by following him here. Oh, and the guy can sing too. He’s a seriously talented fellow. Go and check him out.

See Nathan Davis’™s full portfolio here.