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Featured Artist: Alexandra Sophie

Coming of age seems to be a process by which a person is torn untimely from naive beliefs, like fairies, magic and human understanding. Some call it the school of hard knocks. But, what if the lessons were wrong? Imagine that, born out of sheer survival instinct, this veneer of ruthless competition and self-preservation merely shrouds the fact that beneath, we are all creatures of harmony and love. Armed only her camera, our featured artist, Alexandra Sophie, seeks to peel back the disguise and reveal the magic underneath.

The young photographer left school early due to health issues and, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, sought to understand the world around her through books, photographs and observation. Her photographic style, however, she discovered from within; a product of her lovely philosophy. As a new mother, Alexandra Sophie now has another human experience to share with us through her lens and followers will have noticed the change in direction in recent months.

The artist also relies on instinct to create her images. The models often drive her to their favourite locations, where she sets to work capturing the harmony between them and the surrounding natural environment. Strikingly beautiful though they may be, the models are never professionals …but then, who knows what the future holds for this talented photographer?

Alexandra Sophie works out of Belfort, France and has been snapping away since childhood, beginning with photos of her little sister – a wonderful story of the birth of an artist: We can’t wait to read the next chapter.

See Alexandra Sophie’™s full portfolio here.