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Featured Artist: Linda Vachon

‘€œI believe in everything and its opposite.’€

Linda Vachon, of St Louis De Blandford, Canada, provides a rare glimpse into the mind that creates these highly appealing abstract pieces. Linda works with photography, Photoshop, paint, paper and glue to bring us these beautiful montages. At times, making use of boldly contrasting tones, at others deferring to a beautifully understated palette, she guides the viewer through a dreamlike sequence of her musings.

Linda is inspired by poetry, old books, words, junk and cats. She also seems to reserve a special place in her heart for cows, as evidenced by her series ‘ah la vache!’€, including some sweet images of beloved bovines, gracefully presented in her montage style.

In her ’€œtypo’€ series, the artist demonstrates how toying with typography can be done with a degree of subtlety so as to remain abstract, yet still familiar enough to strike a chord within any person who has plenty of contact with the stuff. Each of Linda’€™s pieces is produced with this incredible coolness – Anyone else hear a soundtrack when clicking through these images?

See Linda Vachon’€™s full portfolio here.