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Featured Artist: Greg Orfanos

Ever looked at an artwork and applied your own interpretation to it, only to find out that was not the idea at all? Climbing the ladder of inference is something we all do naturally; with art perhaps especially so. Take a browse through Greg Orfanos’€™ portfolio and you could be making up all kinds of stories. Or, like one admirer, you may be so deeply inspired that you turn your life around and complete a Masters in Engineering. True story.

Just between you and me, the artist/illustrator loves creating false narratives and seeing people come up with their own slant on his work. In truth, each piece is infused with number of stories that are pieced together to form the final product.

Even as a child, Orfanos knew he wanted to be an artist and we hear school furniture didn’t escape his obsession. The same furniture might as well be framed and hung in a gallery, as his work is featured all around the place these days.

Inspiring even a single person into action is a wonderful feeling for any artist. Orfanos not only holds great power in the promotion of university engineering courses, but also influences aspiring artists by teaching at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Massachusetts. As one of the most important lessons for his students, the artist cites hard work and constant progress. He draws his own inspiration from the greats, including Edna Eicke, Van Gogh, Harrison Cady and many more.

See Greg Orfanos’ full portfolio here.