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Featured Artist: brettisagirl



Ask ten people to define femininity and you will doubtless have ten different definitions. Ask Brett Manning (brettisagirl), however, and you will at least have one that is the result of years of reflection. Manning’€™s musings appear in the forms of photography, drawing and painting. Take a look at Living Doll’€ for a glimpse into just one of Manning’€™s intriguing interpretations of femininity. The shot is one of a highly engaging series.

In her drawings and paintings, Manning has an enormous patience (a preoccupation, in fact) for the creation of textures, including hair, wool, fur and cloth. In the artist’s own words, ‘Layers of fabric, masks, knitted patterns and veils tend to be draped around my subjects implying warmth, comfort, and the anxiety of exposing a true self.’€™ Indeed, many of her subjects appear well protected against the fearsome outside world. Check out ‘€˜My Comforter’ for an idea, and some lovely use of classical composition to boot.

There are many ways an artist can organise her/his portfolio on RB, one of which is chronological. This is the arrangement favoured by Manning and provides us with a wonderful birds-eye view of the artist’s progression over time. We hope you enjoy the story as much as we have. Based in Chicago, Manning is celebrated in both group and solo exhibitions and spends the rest of her time creating art for your enjoyment.

See brettisagirl’s full portfolio here.