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Featured Artist: Swin

You know that dream where you’ve somehow climbed an impossibly tall tower, which seems certain to topple, sending you screaming towards the ground? Or the one in which you can fly? How about the one where Margaret Thatcher gives you a bale of hay and bids you Godspeed as you saddle it up and ride it towards a chaotic ocean scene where African animals are skipping atop the waves? (Just me?) Well, if you like your nightly visions to be aesthetically pleasing, do as I do and commission some backgrounds from Swin via a perusal of his portfolio right before you put your pajamas on.

Swin is an elusive character. (In fact, we’re not even sure the destination address of our emails is of this world.) We do know, however, that Swin is 25 years old, loves photography, digital art, matte painting and dabbles in car design, with a view to becoming an automotive designer in the future.

Photography enthusiasts who take a stroll through this body of work may be wondering about the location: Swiss Alps in early Autumn? New Zealand? Guess again. …Or, possibly, about the equipment: Are we talking 10.2Mpx DSLR, wide-angle lens, 3-section aluminium tripod? Yah, uh! In fact, the artist has, to date, worked primarily in the manipulation of others’€™ images to produce these gorgeous dreamscapes. While he is now taking the leap into the expensive world of owning his own equipment and being the master of his work from start to finish, his story should be a lesson to any would-be photographer out there who is equipped with little more than a clapped-out laptop: Even without the pricey setup, you can still create a portfolio with its own unique feel and drum up a heap of followers on RB and elsewhere online. Now we can’€™t wait to see what he produces with the well-earned gear. Keep us posted, Swin.