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Featured Artist: Katarzyna Wolodkiewicz

Aah, the convenience of modern flight. Check your passport, have your boarding pass scanned, and off we go. The ease of it, however, belies the extensive trials that preceded the first successful human attempts to fly. Only the spirit of persistence and willingness towards experimentation could ever have allowed humans to achieve flight. Likewise, no artist finds his or her way to a preferred style without a little experimentation. During her studies at the Faculty of Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Art and Design in Wroclaw, Poland, Katarzyna Wolodkiewicz revelled in this type of research. So much so, in fact, that this caused a rift between her and her painting teacher, who urged her to define a single style and stick to it. The disagreement culminated in a kind of war of silence. Wolodkiewicz stuck to her guns, though: the subject, in her own words, was merely a pretext to experimentation with graphics, structures, textures and accidental effects.

The results of the artist’€™s endeavours are clear in this gorgeous body of work. Her treatment of the human body is just beautiful, and her backgrounds, sometimes appearing to have been painted in an entirely different mood, entice the viewer to get lost in the brush strokes, smears and complimentary colours. Given her tendency to explore different aspects of art it may come as no surprise that her folio is so diverse, including an impressive set of children’s illustrations and some very dreamy landscapes.

Like many artists on Redbubble, the obsession began at a very early age and the proximity of a box of crayons to untouched white walls was too much for the youngster, eventuating in some early artistic R & D. She was quickly introduced to children’s art workshops, later art school, where her tenacity helped her to explore art and find her way to producing these stunning works. Wolodkiewicz teaches drawing, painting, design and sculpture in addition to producing her own art for exhibition. If you’€™re in Lodz city right about now, you might just catch her works on display at alternative gallery, “€œWake Up Tomorrow”€. See Katarzyna’s full portfolio here.