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Featured Artist: Stephen Wildish

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Diploma of Hidden Correspondences & Random Trivia. Your instructor, Stephen Wildish, looks forward to providing you with astonishing insights into our bizarre world, such as the lesser known plethora of human senses, the astonishing variety of detective genres produced for TV and film, or the ever-changing hair of Mr Brad Pitt.

If you have difficulty seeing the connection between economic prosperity and the altitude of skirt hemlines over time, Wildish is more than willing to enlighten you. Do you eat ham? Tend to slice it thin enough to pass through a Xerox? This could say one of two things about you, but you won’€™t know until you’€™ve studied Wildish’€™s chart, ‘€˜Ham, Thickness by Social Class’€™. And these represent the mere tip of the cognitive iceberg which you’€™ll encounter as you peruse this body of work.

If you’€™re gazing, starry-eyed, at the wonderful typograpy in his portfolio, you’€™ll be delighted (or perhaps appalled) to hear that the artist’€™s love of the stuff stems from his first encounter with the font, ’€˜Rosewood’€™. We’re guessing his house is arranged like Dr Seuss’€™s ABC, since Wildish loves ordering things (hence, the film alphabets). Analytical? Are you kidding? The poor guy can’€™t even make a cup of tea without mapping out a flow chart. Wildish does, however, find solace in collecting shots of animal wheel covers and found shopping lists.

We hope you enjoy this journey, which is every bit as educational and amusing as it is aesthetically pleasing. Now, back to our studies… I wonder who really is the best James Bond… And what about this Venn diagram: How does Santa compare to the Spanish Inquisition?