The Weekly Wrap

It’s time for another wrap up of news and activity from artists on RedBubble. Here’s just some of the action we spotted over the past seven days.

Work by Mike Cressy

Works by Melissa Drummond

  1. Melissa Drummond was shortlisted for the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize
  2. Adam de la Mare was interviewed on T-Shirt Groove
  3. Cindy Schnackel explains how she created her work ‘Ovine Joy’
  4. Aleksandra Kabakova’s drawing ‘Birds’ was featured in Pocketful Illustration Magazine
  5. Tadeusz Ludwiszewski suggests young artists check out YAI – Young Artists Incubator
  6. Peter Maudsley will be displaying some of his artwork at an art and tattoo gallery

Work by Peter Maudsley

Congratulations to the artists above. Each week we feature a small selection of news, inspiration and achievements we’ve spotted but we’d really like this to serve as an intro to your own news. What was the highlight of your week? Have you got any creative projects planned for the week?

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