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Featured Artist: MrFoz

Combining some sweet colour choices with an absolute boatload of detail, James Fosdike (MrFoz) has been churning out works (primarily produced on Mac and his treasured Wacom Tablet) in a sprawling portfolio of lines you’ll just love getting lost in. Fosdike’s elaborate works range from the quirky, like ‘Sharkman’, to the undeniably cool (‘Too Big for This Town’, ‘Mohawk Mandrill’) to the dreamlike (‘My Big Blue Buddy’). Others are journalistic, such as those featuring his favourite bird, the tawny frogmouth owl.

Art is in the illustrator’s veins – first emerging at the age of four in an episode involving a paint set, paper and a model pumpkin. Having studied Applied and Visual Art, as well as Graphic Design and Advertising, the artist is well versed in the commercial side of art. Amongst a number of clients putting Fosdike’s perfectionism and attention to detail to good use are Colors Magazine, Aussie Indigenous band, Blue King Brown, and DC Comics (look out for ‘Deadly’: a 60-pager).

Not surprisingly, a single illustration can take 5 or 40 hours to complete. Does the enormity of such an undertaking make it hard to put pen to paper? Hardly. MrFoz sports a stupendous portfolio on RB. Of course, this wears out our office alpaca, who has to pedal all the harder for every click, but we are oh-so-pleased to lend him yet more megabytes on our servers. Keep ‘em coming, James!