Oxfam GROW T-Shirt Design Challenge

Image Credit: Photo: Tom Greenwood/OxfamAUS

A reminder that you have just over a week to get your entries in for the Oxfam GROW T-Shirt Design Challenge. Oxfam’s GROW campaign calls for urgent action from governments, corporations and communities, encouraging them to collaborate in finding new and sustainable ways of ensuring that everyone has enough to eat – and what better way to raise awareness for this important cause than with some excellent t-shirt design. We’re calling on talented t-shirt designers across the Bubble to create a design in support of the Oxfam GROW campaign.

What Sort of Themes Could I Include In My Design?

If you’re stuck for ideas, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the problems with the global food system, including climate change, price spikes and unfair trade. It also aims to highlight possible solutions including investing in small-scale farming, providing secure access to land for smallholder farmers and developing more sustainable approaches to agriculture. If you fancy donning your research hat in the quest for unique design inspiration, you can read more about these ideas and others on the Oxfam site and in even more detail here. Any of these ideas and themes would make great subject matter for your t-shirt design.

The winning design will be the one that best encapsulates the GROW campaign, creatively representing the ideas behind it. The design will feature prominently throughout the GROW campaign and Oxfam website, and on merchandise sold in Oxfam shops. We will also donate an ark-load of animals through Oxfam Unwrapped on behalf of the Top 20 winners. For more information and to submit your designs, head on over to the Oxfam GROW T-Shirt Design Challenge page. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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