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Featured Artist: Krzysztof Wladyka

Photographer Krzysztof Wladyka has managed to spread some amazing contrast throughout his portfolio – not the sort you might be thinking of, though. Rather, the contrast between somber lighting and colors, and the sense of amusement we see in all of his work.

Wladyka seems to play with his subject matter in such a way that it is fascinating to view and quite often genuinely humorous, all the while maintaining a style that is incontrovertibly stunning. As with all things in life, this is the result of plain old elbow grease: Wladyka painstakingly works his shots, moulding subject matter on screen to create the gorgeous, moody images you will encounter throughout this portfolio.

We don’t recommend viewing this collection on a beat-up laptop with low battery power outside on a sunny day; the tones in many of his shots are understated in the true meaning of the word. However, this in no way detracts from the fact they are magnetic, evocative and beautifully composed. Incidentally, any photographer who has worked with animals will testify that they are not typically the most compliant of models – But with some careful and very professionally-executed manipulation, Wladyka has them posing for him with all the control of a troupe of dancers.