An Ode to Graphic Designers and Our Favorite Lorem Ipsum Alternatives

It’s World Graphic Design Day which begs the question – Have you hugged a Graphic Designer recently? Some of them are quite adorable. Here’s a collection that pays tribute to those who are often found slavishly working away until the wee hours by the light of a shiny monitor. For one day only, we’ll refrain from asking if you could make the logo bigger or sending you all the files you need in Microsoft Word format. Our gift to you on World Graphic Design Day is in the form of some excellent art and design dedicated to Graphic Designers and a whole lot of Lorem Ipsum. Enjoy!

From top to bottom: Lorem Ipsum by Helen Brennan, What are you doing? by Steve Leadbeater, Freelance is NOT free by Ena Bacanovic, Don’t forget to feed the cat by littlearty, Invisible by Reece Ward, I see dead pixels by geekchic tees, Nerd Paste by Scott Robinson, Lair of the Rabbit by Chris Rabbit, Caffeine Powers… Activate! by Nathan Davis and Simple by sub88.

Our Favorite Lorem Ipsum Alternatives:

It’s safe to say that many designers have grown tired of the bog standard lorem ipsum placeholder text. You don’t need to trawl very far on the interwebs to find some entertaining alternatives. Here are just a few of our favorites.

Longing for something a little meatier? Try Bacon Ipsum. It’s delicious.

Brush up on your Lewis Carroll, Frank Baum and Jules Verne with Fillerati.

Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will change the spelling of it. More facts courtesy of Chuck Norris Ipsum.

Lebowsi Ipsum

Zombie Ipsum

Samuel L Ipsum (NSFW, obviously)

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