Inside Redbubble

Featured Artist: Glenn Brady

Painter Glenn Brady’s story is bleak in a way that seems incongruent with his home city of Brisbane. The subtropical city in Queensland, Australia is known for liveability, amiable locals and its proximity to some of the world’s most beautiful coastline. Could this paradise have a flip side carefully tucked away from the tourist trails? Brady brings the grit of a life in the industrial landscape of Brisbane’s less photographed zones to a shimmering reality.

Glenn Brady is an extraordinarily prolific artist, having contributed literally hundreds of his stirring paintings to RedBubble. Echoes of painters like Peter Booth and Albert Tucker sound through his work, which still possess their very own style: Melancholy urban landscapes are often strangely contrast with the vibrant colours of sunsets and jacarandas in bloom. Each scene evokes memories and is filled with the emotion of the moment. Brady works primarily in acrylics and pastels on canvas or pasteboard. We look forward to seeing the next installment in his abundant, emotive portfolio.