Inside Redbubble

Featured Artist: Farfarm

We think Dutch photographer, Farfarm (Michel Verhoef) has an invisibility cloak. Such is his ability to capture human beings doing what they do without even the vaguest sense that they are posing for the camera. This portfolio, an amalgamation of captured moments in human life, is endearing, warm and deeply moving.

Verhoef’s photos are technically masterful; he uses light and contrast beautifully, and the composition is marvellous. No square centimetre is wasted in any shot. If anything, he crowds the frame with his subjects (adding further weight to the invisibility cloak theory), their poses telling us stories that we already know, yet are somehow fascinating when placed in the butterfly case of a photograph.

At times, these moments are left to the viewer to apply his or her own interpretation – just look at the variety of comments following the gorgeous shot, After all these years. Take a stroll through this endearing collection.