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Featured Artist: BootsBoots

Try though we might to grow up, in each of us lives a little Jiminy Cricket: a tiny voice streaming hopelessly optimistic wisdoms like those fed to children since time immemorial. Fear not! US-based artist, BootsBoots, wields a colorful can of bug spray to deal with these chirruping distractions from the grit of real life.

BootsBoots, aka Boots or Jamie Melani Marshall, hails out of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and has a growing portfolio on RedBubble. Never too shy to make the odd pop culture reference, she frequently takes the images that accompany our childish and irrational positivity and to each applies a reality bite worthy of more than just a laugh. Marshall combines tidy design, skillful color arrangements and her sharp wit to bring some impressive tees and prints. And when she isn’t making us titter and nod with her insightful designs, Boots freelances as an artist, creating logos, graphics, album art and more. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, deep conversation and sarcasm.